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Every Component’s at Risk – Excessive Moisture and PH Level

Flooring Magazine, Oxtek|

Excessive moisture within concrete is the most common reason of flooring failures in modern day buildings. Almost all components of a floor covering installation would be deemed sensitive to excessive moisture in some shape or form. It’s not just the finished floor covering itself that will fail, moisture can impact the [...]

Permanent protection from moisture and bacteria

Flooring Magazine, Oxtek|

Aged Care Facilities More than ever, there is a real awareness and concern in relation to hygiene and potential contamination. This is not only critical for the protection and wellbeing of the residents, workers, and visitors, but for the long-term protection of the structure itself. When building these facilities, it [...]

Strength from within

Flooring Magazine, Oxtek|

The Quality of Oxtek Solutions’ concrete waterproofing is guaranteed for 15 years. Established 1998, initially as ‘Protect Crete’, Oxtek Solutions Pty Ltd. guarantees its permanent concrete waterproofing for 15 years. With 24 years as a specialist producer Oxtek has become the trusted brand in the industry. Oxtek’s specialty products penetrate [...]

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