Porcelain Processing in Australia


What's the ultimate strategy amidst rising demand? In the current Australian market, there is a growing trend towards using porcelain, favoured by architects, interior designers, and consumers. This change is driven by factors like government policies and a move towards safer, more sustainable materials, highlighting the important role of stone masons and fabricators as they [...]

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CDK Stone showcases fabrication innovation at Melbourne event


CDK Stone hosted its Fabrication Innovation Event on March 7th and 8th, aimed at educating the industry on advancements and innovative factory practices. The event, held at CDK Stone's Melbourne warehouse, showcased the latest in machinery, software, and automation, that are shaping the future of processing diverse materials. Amid challenges such as limited staffing, factory [...]

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Precision and Safety


Stone masonry with laser templating and handling tools The stone masonry industry is experiencing a significant shift with the introduction of advanced tools that enhance measurement accuracy and improve the safety of stone transportation. The LT-2D3D Laser Templator is leading this shift, offering a high level of measurement precision that significantly reduces the reliance on [...]

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CDK Stone, Value for Industry


CDK Stone is about people. Their vision? To bring value to the industry and their clients; to nurture great people who do extraordinary things. In 1979 Paul De Kok came to Australia to head up the stone division of the Colson Group. In 1982, that division, Colson De Kok Stone, became CDK Stone when Paul [...]

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