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Is a silicosis free stonework factory possible?


Pacific Stone proves the answer is yes. “There is a really bad stigma in the industry that if you work with stone you will get silicosis. If you work with a bad factory, then yes, you will die eventually, but if you work with a factory that has great practices, then there is no issue,” [...]

Is a silicosis free stonework factory possible?2021-07-29T16:48:15+10:00

Feature: Edge Banding


In the realm of high production cabinet making, edge banding has advanced as much as any technology from innovations in machine automation and computerisation, and developments in modern materials. Read on for, ‘almost everything you always wanted to know about edge banding but were afraid to ask.’ Excellent Edge The basic equipment needs for most [...]

Feature: Edge Banding2020-12-15T13:03:07+11:00

Top Tips for your Edge Bander


The quality of your edge banding is affected by your equipment, raw materials, and operational proficiency. Let’s take a look at what the experts tell us. Top Tips for your Edge Bander EVA/PUR Hot Melt Edge banders are still the most used machines, they use a glue pot or cartridge to store and deliver the [...]

Top Tips for your Edge Bander2020-12-15T13:01:06+11:00

Benchtop Express, Laser Focused


Benjamin Franklin is credited with the quote, “Time is money, waste it now, pay for it later!” In the competitive kitchen, bathroom, and cabinet industries there is no truer saying. Most manufacturers have full control over their cabinet manufacture but when it comes to the benchtop, it’s an entirely different matter. The ability to efficiently [...]

Benchtop Express, Laser Focused2020-12-15T12:58:24+11:00

From Status Quo to New Normal


Story by Philip Ashley What unsettled times we’ve lived through but it’s a long way from being over. What appeared to be an overnight lockdown and its consequences on our social lives and the economy was followed by the business world's gradual reawakening and the prospects of a future with many variables. Being agile; or [...]

From Status Quo to New Normal2020-12-15T13:06:59+11:00

Training – what’s in it for you?


The Australian Government recently announced funding for 100,000 new apprentices and trainees through a $1.2 billion Boosting Apprenticeship Commencement fund. Training, what’s in it for you? In the 2020/21 Budget it was announced that an apprentice wage study would be available to businesses of any size who take on a new or recommencing apprentice. The [...]

Training – what’s in it for you?2020-12-15T13:09:41+11:00

Instant asset write-off


As part of the Federal Government’s recent Coronavirus Stimulus Package, eligible businesses can claim an immediate deduction for the business portion of the cost of an asset in the year the asset is first used or installed ready for use. Instant asset write-off can be used for multiple new and second-hand assets as long as [...]

Instant asset write-off2020-10-05T18:03:36+11:00

Digital Manufacturing at New Age Caravans


New Age Caravans operate out of two closely situated sites in the Northern Melbourne suburb of Epping in Victoria. They aren’t the biggest manufacturer of recreational vehicles, but they are amongst the best in terms of quality. To manufacture a quality product that consistently meets the needs and expectations of their customers, David Lawrence; New [...]

Digital Manufacturing at New Age Caravans2020-10-05T18:00:48+11:00

Sachsenküchen – an Industry 4.0 Exemplar


Industry 4.0 is a vision that evolved from an initiative to make the German manufacturing industry more competitive. Australia needs to be at the forefront of this development but is in danger of slipping behind. Resistance to change could be the Australian furniture industry’s greatest obstacle. Industry 4.0 creates enormous opportunity for Australia. As one [...]

Sachsenküchen – an Industry 4.0 Exemplar2020-10-05T17:57:27+11:00

A Positive Industry Slant


COVID-19 hit Australia and the World hard. But what is the feeling of industry suppliers about the recovery? Are they optimistic or are they concerned? We asked a number of suppliers of machinery, software, and hardware both here and overseas to comment and generally; the feeling is one of optimism. When it became evident that [...]

A Positive Industry Slant2020-07-21T12:32:34+10:00
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