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Streamline your business with customised software


“It was a no-brainer,” says Retief from Provence Brothers on deciding to use Cabinetry.Online, “we should have done it sooner. “ From small beginnings in 2014, Provence Brothers in WA have experienced exponential growth over the last few years. They started as cabinet makers with a 180m² factory. Today, they are one of the leading [...]

Streamline your business with customised software2022-06-09T16:06:02+10:00

A Point of Difference


Hardware, fittings, and components for cabinets complete the look, feel and ambiance of any space, whether it’s in the kitchen or bathroom, bedroom, living space, or commercial application. Cabinet hardware could be the defining element in the room, or the last detail in the design. The modern kitchen merges seamlessly into the living space where [...]

A Point of Difference2022-06-09T13:47:23+10:00

Biesse Group 20 Years in Australia


A machine from Biesse Group could have made the floor you are standing on, the window where you look out onto the World, the door you pass into the sunlight, the furniture you sit on or the cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom. Since 1969, Biesse have manufactured technology for processing wood, glass, stone, plastic [...]

Biesse Group 20 Years in Australia2022-06-09T13:43:36+10:00

Elton Group, Materially Different and Curated for Excellence


Wood is one of few renewable resources. Companies engaged in the forest products industry have a responsibility to ensure the protection and sensible use of forests for future generations. Elton Group is committed to supplying timber veneer and panel products in harmony with advanced environmental standards for forests, water, and raw material consumption. Established in [...]

Elton Group, Materially Different and Curated for Excellence2022-06-09T13:42:06+10:00

Changing the world from the kitchen


Big changes come from small actions. At Cosentino, that small action began with a mission to create products that are sustainable and kinder to the earth. As one of the world’s leading architectural surface manufacturer, Cosentino create sustainable products that are designed for life, transforming spaces for a more human way of living. 2022 marks [...]

Changing the world from the kitchen2022-06-09T13:39:58+10:00

Labour vs Automation


Is the stone industry’s biggest battle about to end? There is no denying that Australia is in a labour crisis. Everywhere you look, businesses are desperately seeking staff, and going to great lengths to get them. Some manufacturers are making a strategic move out to rural areas, where labour is readily available, infrastructure is easier [...]

Labour vs Automation2022-06-09T13:35:26+10:00

The Competitive Advantage


CNC machines started to appear in Australia in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. However, it wasn’t until the first AWISA fair at the Yennora wool stores west of Sydney that the new technologies started to have a major impact on the industry. Early CNC machines were expensive when compared to traditional machinery in use [...]

The Competitive Advantage2022-03-29T14:08:34+11:00

Forging the path to safe, clean workspaces


In the age of environmental engagement, effective air pollution (dust) control is a concern to every woodworking and cabinet manufacturer seeking a clean and healthy working environment. In a challenging Covid environment one company has stood out among its peers and experienced strong growth. So, what is making the difference for Airtight Solutions? There is [...]

Forging the path to safe, clean workspaces2022-03-29T14:05:03+11:00

Service – The greatest manufacturing asset you will have


Most people think of manufacturing as a sector that is all about machinery, money, and making more with less. While all three elements will always be important to the industry, Innovync will tell you that none of it works if quality after-sales service is not part of the equation. Putting the act of providing value [...]

Service – The greatest manufacturing asset you will have2022-03-29T14:02:16+11:00

Manufacturing after COVID: More questions than answers


History has taught us that short-term responses to global emergencies lead to changes that last for decades. With millions of Australians either in lockdown or restricted in movement, the pandemic has forced people to quickly and significantly change how we work, communicate, socialize, and use products and services. The COVID-19 pandemic has, for the first [...]

Manufacturing after COVID: More questions than answers2022-03-29T13:47:42+11:00
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