IFA Decorative Finishes by SURTECO


Article by Laura Hedges, Specification and Design Consultant, SURTECO Australia   What do you see as the current trends/innovations in the decorative finishes industry?    We have seen an influx of natural materials and earth inspired colour tones take precedence. There has been a large emphasis on the tactility of decorative surfaces and finishes to [...]

IFA Decorative Finishes by SURTECO2023-11-23T11:45:22+11:00

What differentiates Elton Group from other timber veneers suppliers?


With a background of sourcing and supplying timber veneer stretching back 80 years, Elton Group work closely with our specialist suppliers in Italy, Germany and Japan. Our design-led team identify the nuances of the Australian market and ensure products are developed and curated for Australian design trends, conditions and standards.  The Eveneer brand was first [...]

What differentiates Elton Group from other timber veneers suppliers?2023-11-23T11:43:38+11:00

Industry 5.0 Are We There Yet?


AI (Artificial Intelligence) is expected to have a major impact on manufacturing, including woodworking industries and the way AI is accelerating, that impact may be sooner than we think. A number of leading suppliers to the woodworking trades are already using AI to improve their product performance. Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the development of [...]

Industry 5.0 Are We There Yet?2023-11-23T11:40:57+11:00

Precision and Safety


Stone masonry with laser templating and handling tools The stone masonry industry is experiencing a significant shift with the introduction of advanced tools that enhance measurement accuracy and improve the safety of stone transportation. The LT-2D3D Laser Templator is leading this shift, offering a high level of measurement precision that significantly reduces the reliance on [...]

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Essential CNC Cabinet Manufacturing


The two machine types most used by cabinet manufacturers are the CNC processing centre, often still referred to as a ‘point-to-point’ machine; and the edge-banding machine. These two machines are subject to continuous technical and performance improvements by suppliers and constitute the two most ‘must-have’ machines in the cabinet factory. There is little doubt the [...]

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CAD+T – Digital solutions and efficient processes


For 30 plus years, CAD+T Solutions has led the way in software for the Cabinet Making and Shopfitting industry, specialising in bespoke furniture. From design to CNC machine connection, they cover all joinery needs, including operational management. Evolving their software is key. They tailor customised solutions to known challenges faced by their customers to focus [...]

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The value of a circular economy 


Article by GECA A common misconception is that the circular economy is a synonym for a waste reduction strategy. However, it is far more radical than that. Talking about the circular economy only through a lens of waste reduction is like discussing the complexity of ecosystems exclusively in terms of decomposition. A truly circular economy [...]

The value of a circular economy 2023-08-28T12:27:16+10:00

Meet the kreator: A new breed of machine


Few technological advancements truly deserve to be called innovations. The CMS Kreator is one of the lucky ones. This state-of-the-art hybrid manufacturing system fuses 5-Axis milling with Screw Extrusion Additive Manufacturing (SEAM) to deliver unparalleled efficiency, flexibility and quality. Put simply, the system is designed to quickly build composite jigs, fixtures and tools that are [...]

Meet the kreator: A new breed of machine2023-08-28T12:23:55+10:00

Hafele 100


Häfele was founded in 1923 and for 100 years adopted a policy of personal contact with its customers to better understand their needs. Häfele has become synonymous with pioneering ideas for living, working and leisure. Today, Häfele offers a complete one-stop service, comprehensive advice, sound development competence, and sophisticated logistics. Hafele 100 Innovative strength, courage [...]

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interzum 2023


interzum 2023 was a resounding success, despite the pandemic’s pause on people’s willingness to travel. The supplier sector proved to be innovative and progressive, with a particular focus this year on sustainability. Environmentally conscious and space-saving solutions should not mean sacrifices, interzum showed us they inspire creative and extraordinary new products. Interzum 2023 interzum in [...]

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