Dekton UKIYO Collection and Sensa by Cosentino


In the dynamic world of interior design and architecture, materials play a crucial role in defining aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. Cosentino, a global leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, continues to set industry standards with its groundbreaking products. Two of their standout offerings, the Dekton the ultracompact porcelain [...]

Dekton UKIYO Collection and Sensa by Cosentino2024-06-06T11:29:28+10:00

Cosentino – leading the way to a greener future


As the drive to greener residential and commercial buildings continues, sustainable construction materials are increasing in both popularity and usage. In Australia, this trend is driven by a combination of government policies, the industry itself, and more importantly, consumer demand. Consumers of today are provoking big changes to address the climate emergency, demanding more sustainable [...]

Cosentino – leading the way to a greener future2022-11-08T13:27:07+11:00

Changing the world from the kitchen


Big changes come from small actions. At Cosentino, that small action began with a mission to create products that are sustainable and kinder to the earth. As one of the world’s leading architectural surface manufacturer, Cosentino create sustainable products that are designed for life, transforming spaces for a more human way of living. 2022 marks [...]

Changing the world from the kitchen2022-11-08T13:31:02+11:00
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