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3D software – The right software for your business


That is the big question that faces most cabinet makers at some stage. This decision point arrives at varying times and for varying reasons. Perhaps you are just starting your business and would like to include software from day one. Your business has been operating for 5 years, staff members have increased and your workload [...]

3D software – The right software for your business2020-05-07T17:06:59+10:00

Pushing Boundaries with Holz-Her


LL Installations is a construction group located in Melbourne’s West. Their work is mostly for tier-one builders such as Multiplex; Schiavello; Built; Shape; Cod Build and others. They specialise mostly in feature walls and ceilings, and bespoke joinery items. Luke Lawry is the director and says, “We never do the same thing twice. The more [...]

Pushing Boundaries with Holz-Her2020-05-07T17:01:03+10:00

A New Resource


PalmwoodNet, funded by the German government and industrial partners, promises the most significant new wood resource in decades. Supplier was on hand at Ligna in 2019 where the project was released, to see what it’s all about. As the World’s forests are progressively closed to logging, manufacturers look elsewhere for their wood resource. Palm Wood [...]

A New Resource2020-05-07T16:57:25+10:00

The Art of Storage – FLIPDOOR


FLIPDOOR by REHAU combines modern design with clever functionality. The combination of smooth movement, intuitive operation, a unique mechanism and an attractive appearance provides a refreshingly different cabinet concept, thus offering an alternative to current standard systems such as folding lift doors or swing flaps. The installation location is not limited to kitchens, as FLIPDOOR [...]

The Art of Storage – FLIPDOOR2019-12-17T18:58:34+11:00



CABINET VISION Version 12 provides benefits for machining and greater control of parts. The latest version of CABINET VISION delivers greater control and flexibility for the machining of part connections, empowering users to better automate and manage every aspect of production. Released recently by Planit Cutting Edge Solutions in Australia, CABINET VISION Version 12 features [...]

CABINET VISION Version 122019-12-17T19:08:36+11:00

Leitz Diamaster EdgeExpert Router Cutters


Leitz has launched a new Diamond router program for furniture production and interior construction. Diamaster EdgeExpert, the new shank cutters, are true experts in edge processing, and also offer advantages in profitability.   The new Diamaster EdgeExpert routers are designed for edge performance and allow tear-free edge quality on both sides. This has been confirmed by [...]

Leitz Diamaster EdgeExpert Router Cutters2019-12-17T18:54:55+11:00

The compo your business wants


Composite materials, composite materials, composite materials. Get it tattooed on your chest. Name your next kid after it. Change the wallpaper on your phone. Whatever you need to do to keep it at the forefront of your mind… DO IT. This is not a drill! Fix me a sandwich Composite is the buzzword of the [...]

The compo your business wants2019-12-17T18:51:31+11:00

Top honours for Panel Tools Online co-founder


Panel Tools online are excited to announce that their co-founder, Fraser Killen, has been featured in Queensland’s top 20 young entrepreneurs and business leaders. Thomas Morgan from The Courier Mail reported: Juggling a double degree at university whilst managing an e-Commerce start-up has not tempered one Brisbane teen’s entrepreneurial spirit. Fraser Killen co-founded Panel Tools [...]

Top honours for Panel Tools Online co-founder2019-10-08T13:51:59+11:00

SafeCode manufacturing – From design to manufacture


SafeCode has been a leader in the Australian market delivering software solutions to the finance and leasing industry for over 10 years. With their acquisition of IdacsPLUS and the launch of Palette CAD Australasia in 2017, the business has grown to offer one of the largest ranges of CAD CAM solutions in the Australian market. [...]

SafeCode manufacturing – From design to manufacture2019-10-01T10:27:08+10:00

A dedicated effort towards ALPHACAM in Australia


The ALPHACAM Global Management Team is excited to announce the launch of AC Australia CAD CAM Solutions Pty Ltd to lead the sales & service of ALPHACAM in Australia. AC Australia is a dedicated effort to promote and grow ALPHACAM solutions across Australia and expand across multiple industries. Blake McCrossen has been appointed National Brand [...]

A dedicated effort towards ALPHACAM in Australia2019-10-01T10:23:52+10:00
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