The Kreator has landed


2024 is a milestone year for Australian manufacturing. Why? Because the Kreator has arrived. It is the first-ever large-format hybrid 3D printer + 5 axis CNC milling machine to reach local shoes. As such, this revolutionary piece of equipment is set to disrupt homegrown design and innovation. The brainchild of Italian machinery leaders CMS and [...]

The Kreator has landed2024-03-19T14:21:06+11:00

Meet the kreator: A new breed of machine


Few technological advancements truly deserve to be called innovations. The CMS Kreator is one of the lucky ones. This state-of-the-art hybrid manufacturing system fuses 5-Axis milling with Screw Extrusion Additive Manufacturing (SEAM) to deliver unparalleled efficiency, flexibility and quality. Put simply, the system is designed to quickly build composite jigs, fixtures and tools that are [...]

Meet the kreator: A new breed of machine2023-08-28T12:23:55+10:00

Dekton Cutting: Do You Dare?


When sintered stone first entered the market, architects, designers, and stonemasons excitedly rushed to explore its potential. At last, they had a material that was hard, heat-proof, stain and UV-resistant - and available in a wide range of colours. The only problem? Sintered stone is not easy to cut. Saw blades, tools and techniques that [...]

Dekton Cutting: Do You Dare?2022-11-22T12:56:32+11:00

Laying down foundations for a well-networked Innovation Nation


In 2020, a new breed of machinery supplier entered Australia’s shores. Operating under the name Innovync (rebranded from Unimac Machinery, established in 2015), the supply hub focuses on delivering a blend of high-end European machinery and exceptional after-sales service to clients across Australia and New Zealand. This month, Supplier takes a deep dive into Innovync’s [...]

Laying down foundations for a well-networked Innovation Nation2022-11-08T13:26:51+11:00

Service – The greatest manufacturing asset you will have


Most people think of manufacturing as a sector that is all about machinery, money, and making more with less. While all three elements will always be important to the industry, Innovync will tell you that none of it works if quality after-sales service is not part of the equation. Putting the act of providing value [...]

Service – The greatest manufacturing asset you will have2022-11-08T13:33:44+11:00

Strategic machine solutions boost efficiency in the stone sector


Strategic machinery acquisitions can make or break a business. The key to making it is rarely about the technology itself, rather, it lies in working with experts that do what it takes to secure the right solutions, saving time, money, and removing responsibility from workers. “If someone asks me what’s the machine for me, I [...]

Strategic machine solutions boost efficiency in the stone sector2022-11-08T13:35:37+11:00

Is a silicosis free stonework factory possible?


Pacific Stone proves the answer is yes. “There is a really bad stigma in the industry that if you work with stone you will get silicosis. If you work with a bad factory, then yes, you will die eventually, but if you work with a factory that has great practices, then there is no issue,” [...]

Is a silicosis free stonework factory possible?2022-11-08T13:36:07+11:00
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