Easy seam solution for net fit linoleum flooring Installation


Brought to you by Forbo Flooring Systems Arriving soon Easy to use Marmoweld ETU for linoleum flooring installation Linoleum sheet joins often do not require heat welding. Accurately installed net fit seams present a clean and distinctive appearance with long-lasting quality. Unlike vinyl, well-cut linoleum joins will not shrink over time and offer an improved [...]

 Easy seam solution for net fit linoleum flooring Installation2023-11-09T12:07:22+11:00

Meeting today’s sustainability requirements


The world is transitioning towards a more sustainable future, and reducing emissions is the key focus of governments, corporations, and individuals globally. The building and construction sector accounts for almost 40% of all annual carbon emissions from the operation and construction phases. Embodied carbon or upfront carbon, is all the emissions from the construction phases [...]

Meeting today’s sustainability requirements2023-05-16T12:27:27+10:00

Moods of the Seasons


Moods of the Seasons Each season has a different meaning to every one of us depending on where we are in the world and our culture and traditions. With Forbo’s Moods of the Season, they hope to translate those feelings into design in a way that will both complement and question, suggesting products and scenarios [...]

Moods of the Seasons2023-01-12T15:00:42+11:00

Truly adhesive free flooring – by Forbo


The future of flooring installation has arrived and it’s fast and adhesive-free. Forbo’s family of Fast Flooring solutions are adhesive-free floor coverings, which are quick and easy to install whilst also being sustainable due to their reusable and/or recyclable nature. Quick turnaround with minimal disruption Floors can be walked on immediately Easy to remove and [...]

Truly adhesive free flooring – by Forbo2022-11-08T13:25:36+11:00

Marmoleum myths busted


Marmoleum, Forbo’s brand of linoleum flooring has been around for over 150 years. It is not surprising that some common myths and misconceptions have arisen over time. Marmoleum is still by far the sustainable flooring champion and remains as natural and durable as ever with the basic raw material formulation remaining mostly unchanged. However, over [...]

Marmoleum myths busted2022-11-08T13:29:24+11:00
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